Creating spaces for living and working…

…Commercial spaces that encourage creativity, increase productivity and inspire better performance.

"When it comes to shaping behavior, there are few tools comparable to interior design and office arrangement...” - Tom Peters

…Residential environments that are comfortable, relaxing, and safe – home.

"There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy Gale

Rules of Design

I’m often asked about “rules” for design. Being creative and artistically driven, I cringe at the thought of being confined by rules. Guidelines for use of color and basic rules governing scale, balance and space are my outer limits. All other rules are meant to be loosely interpreted. Some of the most inviting spaces include deviations from what some would consider rules. A residence that shows beautifully on a magazine page may not be comfortable nor practical to live in. My training and expertise in finding the appropriate balance for your project is where you’ll truly see the value of a professional design plan.